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Faithfully Feminist is now available for preorder!

We are thrilled to announce that Faithfully Feminist is now available for preorder! Through a special arrangement with our publisher, those who purchase the anthology directly from White Cloud Press between now and our publication date of August 11, 2015 will receive a 25% discount off the list price.

As Kate Ott, author of Sex + Faith says,

“In today’s world, expressing faith is often as contentious as claiming feminism. Faithfully Feminist brings the two together like cinders in a fire longing for oxygen. Sparks fly as Muslim, Jewish, and Christian women invite us into their stories of standing up for their equality and full humanity while deepen their faith. The diversities and continuities of their experiences of the divine and commitment to their communities ignite and illuminate faith and feminism in ways that enrich each tradition. Stunningly eloquent, powerfully honest, a must read!”

You can pre-order Faithfully Feminist now at the special discounted price by clicking here. We are grateful for your support for this important project, and thank you for supporting independent publishing!





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