Advance Praise

The stories shared in Faithfully Feminist paints for us the varied and textured reality of women’s feminist expressions of faith in all their complexity. They defy any claim to simple, dualistic perspectives of how feminists should relate to patriarchal religious traditions. Life cannot be so reduced. These women’s stories are a testimony to the vastness of human strength and creativity and the transformation that is possible at the intersection of feminisms and religions. These women speak for themselves and we are the better if we received their gift and listen to their voices. — Xochitl Alvizo, Feminism and Religion

What brings one to faith and keeps one ‘faithful,’ especially in religious communities that remain densely patriarchal? As the narratives in this anthology attest, these are such ineffably personal questions that no woman can answer them for another.  Perhaps that is just as well since it allows us to learn from each other’s struggles how to be present to the divine in our own distinctive ways. – Asma Barlas, Ithaca College, Author of “Believing Women” in Islam: Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur’an.

Faithfully Feminist is a creative collage of witty, tantalizing, courageous, honest, and provocative faith stories. The writers share from the sacred places in the heart and urge us to answer the question, “why do we stay”? Their diverse stories affirm that feminism is necessary to the faith and practice of us all for we are all God’s people. These heartwarming stories challenge the boundaries that patriarchal religions place on women and celebrates the significance of listening and attending to women’s faith voices. – Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Georgetown University

Read this book–to plunge immediately into the world of why women bother sticking with the worlds’ sexist religious traditions– because they want to transform them! In the words of the savvy editors of Faithfully Feminist, “to live a feminist and religious life is an art… it requires being graceful and bold, cunning and creative.” This is precisely what this strong collection of writing is all about. – Laura Levitt, Temple University

This is a richly textured, intellectually and ethically challenging book—especially for readers like me. As a religious traditionalist, I need to hear these voices. I may not always want to hear them, but I need to hear them. Their honesty, depth, commitment, and energy are compelling. This book attests to the vitality of our several traditions and to the moral integrity of the thinkers who work to stay within them. — Alan Mittleman, The Jewish Theological Seminary
In today’s world, expressing faith is often as contentious as claiming feminism. Faithfully Feminist brings the two together like cinders in a fire longing for oxygen. Sparks fly as Muslim, Jewish, and Christian women invite us into their stories of standing up for their equality and full humanity while deepen their faith. The diversities and continuities of their experiences of the divine and commitment to their communities ignite and illuminate faith and feminism in ways that enrich each tradition. Stunningly eloquent, powerfully honest, a must read! – Kate Ott, Drew University, Author of Sex + Faith



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